Manitou's first telescopic booms: AI given exclusive preview prior to APEX

By Maria Hadlow27 September 2011

The 280TJ is designed to get close to buildings with an innovative boom design and compact chassis.

The 280TJ is designed to get close to buildings with an innovative boom design and compact chassis.

In an exclusive preview prior to APEX, Access International was shown Manitou's two new telescopic booms the 260TJ and 280TJ. These are Manitou's first telescopic booms and the highest working height machines ever produced by the company at 26 and 28m.

More than this, in working to ensure the machines comply with the Stage IIIB engine regulation Manitou has included a number of useful features.

Alongside the innovative boom design and engine management system Manitou has kept a commonality of components and design with the ATJ articulated boom range, which helps keep manufacturing efficient and helps customers in maintenance and service.

The 260TJ and 280TJ are essentially the same machine, the 280TJ has an additional telescopic jib. The 260TJ has a 26m working height with a 19.45m outreach and a basket capacity of 400kg, the 280TJ has a 27.78m working height and a 21.45m outreach with a maximum basket capacity of 350kg.

The telescopic boom is designed with a small articulation near the base of the boom, which not only makes the overall package more compact but increases the speed of elevation. The base articulation means the user can position the boom close to the building, wall or vertical surface, this means the boom length can be used to gain elevation not to bridge the gap between base and wall.

The jib on the 280TJ allows up-and over access to overcome obstacles and lets the operator work in the negative. It can also allow work closer to a building in a congested worksite.

The boom has been two years in development it has was extensively tested before even being mounted on the chassis. For example being put through movements as it would in the field over a continual two-shift period. When Access international visited Manitou and was allowed to try out the new machine, the boom movements were indeed very smooth although Jean-Christophe Rabiller the plant manager said the company was still ironing out the final glitches.

Both the 260TJ and 280TJ are driven by a Kubota V2403 35.8kW (45HP) engine which conforms to the Tier IV and Stage IIIB engine regulations. An electronic management system controls the rpm and optimises the pressure and flow of hydraulic fluid needed for single or simultaneous movements drawing what power it needs for the required movement. The system allows a lower powered engine to provide a high level performance. Movement speed does ramp up but comes in at the required optimum speed at every position.

The control box is the same for each machine although some of the functions are not available on the 260TJ. The components, logic and symbols are identical to those on the AJT articulated platforms' controls. There are XY functions, which allow the operator to move horizontally and vertically with a single instruction.

The new machines are of compact overall dimensions both are 2.42m wide, the 260TJ is 10.81m long and 2.32m high (7.9m and 2.85m when folded for transport) and the 280TJ is 11.25m long and 2.57m high (8.05m and 2.85m for transport). The 4-wheel-drive allows them to be manoeuvrable in a congested area. They are operable in front-wheel steer, four-wheel steer and crab steer.

The new machines were developed with the design, production and quality departments working in conjunction all the way along the line, this insured not only smooth running of the project but helped ensure commonality of components from across Manitou's range.

The same suppliers of engines, hydraulics, axles, valves and control systems have been used as in the ATJ - diesel articulated range. This and the swing out engine compartments helps to keep maintenance easy for customers.

In addition Manitou has improved the CAN-BUS trouble shooting system using intuitive symbols and real language to help pinpoint problems quickly.

The 280TJ were on show for the first time at the APEX exhibition in Maasticht.

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