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By Lindsay Gale30 July 2008

Caption: Tramac recently introduced a new breaker to its light range in the shape of the 438 kg (967

Caption: Tramac recently introduced a new breaker to its light range in the shape of the 438 kg (967 lb) SC-42 for carriers weighing from 5 to 12 tonnes

It is not just noise and vibration issues that are driving breaker development for Tramac (Montabert in Europe). Now part of DII attachments, the company told D&Ri that its North American customers are increasingly looking for improved reliability and ease of maintenance. But the wish list does not stop there. The total cost of ownership is an increasingly important factor – this covers the whole gamut, from original purchase price, efficiency (cost to operate against production volume) and the resale value of the breaker. And finally, companies are increasingly looking for breakers that are easy to mount on carriers.

To address this, Tramac says that it is responding to these demands by producing high quality breakers with features that cater to contractors’ needs. These include protection features to shield the breaker and carrier from damages and to extend breaker life. It is also looking to provide ease of maintenance, with breaker components such as one-piece bushings, automatic lubrication systems and simple on-site maintenance and overhaul. Finally, Tramac is adding productivity-focused features such as automatic variable speed technology and energy recovery systems to maximise performance for different applications.

Tramac/Montabert offers three breaker ranges. Its light range is for use on skid steers, backhoes and other mini and mid sized equipment for a multitude of applications. The medium range is for use on large backhoes and medium excavators, with breakers up to 1,500 kg (3,300 lb). Finally, its heavy range is for use on large excavators for demolition and quarrying. These are available in two types, variable speed (for maximum productivity on heterogeneous ground by the sensing of changes in hardness and adjusting the impact rate and striking rate accordingly) and two speed (maximising productivity by producing high energy per blow on hard ground or high blow frequency on soft ground.

Tramac told D&Ri that later this year, it will be introducing a line of Geith branded light range breakers but could not supply details at the time of writing. D&Ri will report on these new breakers in more detail.

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