New electric hybrid van mount from Skyking

By Maria Hadlow14 June 2012

Skyking's electric hybrid 12.5m van mount.

Skyking's electric hybrid 12.5m van mount.

Following year-long in-service trials the Skyking division of the UK's King Highway Products Limited has launched an electric hybrid version of its 12.5m 125RA van mount.

The new hybrid conversion will be offered on all new van mounts and enables the operator to arrive at a job, switch off the engine and operate the basket on battery power while the vehicle is stationary and the engine switched off. This unit has been developed by Skyking's own engineers and will also be offered as a conversion on existing machines.

When the vehicle is stationary and the operator is in the basket, a simple foot pedal switches the hydraulic power to electric control. The platform can then be operated using the normal controls in the basket.

The system offers a reduction in noise and diesel pollution resulting in CO2 savings during operation and there are also fuel saving benefits which help reduce the cost of operation. "In addition," said Skyking, "as noise levels are much lower, customers can carry out emergency repairs in built-up areas with significantly less disturbance to residents."

Skyking expects the benefits to appeal to all its customers - in particular in the utility markets where van mounts are extensively used. Skyking told Access International that the company with which they undertook the year's trial has been so impressed with the hybrid version that its latest, large order for van mounts will all have the hybrid boom system.

Power to the system is from two batteries and the power available is said to allow at least 20 cycles of the platform between vehicle stop/starts. When the vehicle is in operation a split charger directs charge not required for vehicle operation to the platform's independent batteries charging them as the vehicle runs between tasks. In addition an independent 13 amp charger is fitted which allows the batteries to be charged when the vehicle is not in use.

The charging system is designed to monitor battery condition and not continually charge fully charged batteries. This way power consumption is reduced and the batteries are less likely to be damaged through the generation of unnecessary levels of heat and gas by over charging. When fitted, the kit is enclosed in a protective cover with battery condition indicators and charging lights visible through an inspection window so operators can easily check status.

Installation kits are initially available for Iveco, Mercedes, Ford and Fiat vans.

The new hybrid van mount can be seen at Vertical Days at Haydock, UK on 27 - 28 June.

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