New HoistCam model

By Christian Shelton22 February 2018

US company Netarus, maker of HoistCam remote camera monitoring systems, has launched a new version of its HC140 (Gen 3) camera with: a lower profile design; an upgraded camera; and 360-degree lens rotation.

Hc140 gen3

The lower profile design was achieved by relocating the connector for the camera so that it now attaches at the Video Transmission Box (VTB), said Netarus.

The upgraded camera enables wide angle shots and has infrared illuminators for night time viewing, Netarus continued. A higher quality housing and nitrogen filled enclosure provides the HC140 with an IP69K rating for optimum performance when fully submerged in water or when working in high operating temperature environments (up to +50°C), Netarus added.

The 360-degree rotation means the camera orientation can be directed to the exact perspective needed by the operator, Netarus explained. For example, if the crane’s hook block is located 90 degrees to the left, the lens can be oriented 90 degrees to the right so the view of the camera on the monitor is in the correct orientation. Or, when mounted on other types of equipment, such as a rubber tyre gantry or straddle carrier, it is possible to orient the camera for a view of the pins on the spreader bar.

The operator can readjust the camera’s perspective by manually loosening a screw on the camera, adjusting the camera’s orientation, and re-tightening the screw.

The camera also has a magnetic mounting system allowing it to be installed at various locations on the equipment to provide the best possible view.

Remote monitoring and recording is possible as an optional extra.

“Our customers were asking for a camera solution for complicated load handling scenarios. On its own, the HC140 (Gen3) offers that flexibility, which is further maximised when the setup is customised for unique situations, such as having multiple units feed to a single split screen or when special power supply requirements, such as solar generated power, must be met,” commented Netarus’s chief technology officer, Chris Machut.

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