New rig for Junttan

16 May 2011

The Junttan PMx20 - the concept was previewed at Bauma 2010.

The Junttan PMx20 - the concept was previewed at Bauma 2010.

A new PMx24 piling rig has been launched by Junttan as part of the X series that was first seen at the Bauma show in Germany last year.

The company has also introduced the SHK110-5/7 hydraulic hammer - the Shark - which was shown in a concept form at Bauma.

The Finnish-based hydraulic piling equipment manufacturer recently marked its 35th anniversary with a new look, including an updated logo and a revamped website. It said the information on the website had been substantially increased and made easier to use.

The X series of piling rigs was introduced at Bauma in the form of the PMx20. The range now consists of the PMx22, PMx24 and PMx25, and they all replace Junttan's current piling rigs up to PM25H.

Junttan said its X series incorporated modern manufacturing technologies and materials for extended reliability and improved performance. The Juntann X control system is purpose built and controls all the vital rig functions, providing features for adjustments, operation and maintenance.

With a maximum pile length of 24 m, it has an average working weight of 68 tonnes. The recommended ram weight is 4 to 6 tonnes, and the engine power is 179 kW.

The smallest X series model, the PMx20, also 179 kW, has an average working weight of 55 tonnes, maximum pile length of 20 m and a recommended ram weight of 3 to 5 tonnes.

The SHK series of hydraulic hammers is nicknamed Shark, and they are said to reduce noise by 10 dB, while Junttan claims 9 to 18% higher productivity along with better adaptability as the same hammer can be used on several sites.

Junttan hammers are said to be suitable for driving steel tube pipes, sheet piles, pre-cast concrete and timber piles. The stroke and blow rates are adjustable to optimise the pile driving performance in all conditions. The ram weight can also be changed depending on pile type requirements. The hammers can be mounted on all kinds of leaders, or can be freely suspended, the company said.

Junttan hydraulic impact hammers are said to have low environmental impact. The company claims that 95% of the hammer's energy is transferred to the pile. Also, it said that a smooth installation process helped ensure that there was as little impact on the environment as possible.

Following its appearance as a concept at Bauma, the SHK series now covers hammer sizes from 3 to 9 tonnes.

The Shark hammers have a maximum drop height of 1.2 m and run at either 50 to 120-plus blows per minute or 60 to 100-plus blows per minute.

Junttan hammers are also used without Junttan rigs. For this, the company manufactures hydraulic power units, and it has just launched the 10XCU. This is said to use the same advanced technology as the other Junttan X series products.

The smallest of its powerpacks, the 10XCU claims easy handling, durability and good fuel economy, as well as low noise. It uses Junttan's latest control technology to manage the piling process, and it replaces the 10CCU model.

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