New telematics platform from Ruthmann

By Leila Steed23 January 2023

An onsite worker using a smart device to view the RTC RTC provides all equipment data in real time. (Photo: Ruthmann)

Ruthmann has introduced a new online telematics platform for equipment monitoring, that it says will “revolutionise” how aerial platforms fleets are managed. 

The new RTC (Ruthmann Technology Connect) platform replaces the company’s RuthmannConnect service.

It gathers data from aerial platforms equipped with the corresponding hardware and sensors, allowing them to be remotely monitored from a desktop.

The digital service can provide all a machine’s data in real time and allows equipment users and service technicians to quickly identify and correct faults.

RTC is available on all new Steiger, Bluelift and Ecoline aerial platforms and can also be retrofitted on many existing models.

Designed for use by equipment operators, owners and service personnel, “the new system offers a comprehensive graphical representation of all machine data,” said Ruthmann. 

This covers everything from current fuel levels to the measured values of all sensors installed on the aerial platform.

For rental companies, a standout feature of the RTC is that it enables service personnel to see a machine’s control panel in real time.

The RTC online platform on a desktop The RTC platform can show service personnel the machine’s control panel in real time. (Image: Ruthmann)

Additionally, “application errors made by the rental customers can be immediately detected by the service department of the rental company and corresponding instructions be given to the rental customer,” said Ruthmann.

“This saves after-sales service resources and ensures a quick troubleshooting on work site as well as high machine availability.”

Unlike the manufacturer’s RuthmannConnect platform, the RTC system can be used in remote locations where there is no internet connection available.

Machine data can be transferred from the equipment to a smartphone, which when brought into an area of network coverage, allows service technicians to “access the smartphone via the internet and see the data”.

Ruthmann said, “In the event of faults in remote areas, the deployment of a technician to the place of the fault is no longer necessary in many cases.

“He is able to identify the problem with the RTC and to give some instructions how to rectify the fault.”

More features will soon be added to the online platform.

These include an alert system that enables users to schedule maintenance well in advance and a black box feature that keeps a record of all equipment faults for a whole year.

“It is then possible to trace later whether a fault has occurred more often or what caused it,” said Ruthmann.

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