Omme Lift's new trailer mount targets tight spaces

By Maria Hadlow17 July 2012

The new basket design removes some of the elemments that can impede access - especially on roof work

The new basket design removes some of the elemments that can impede access - especially on roof work.

Danish company Omme Lift has launched a new compact trailer mounted platform, which, with a low weight and manoeuvrability, is designed for narrow and difficult to access sites.

The, new 2300 EX, has a working height of 22.6m, an outreach of 12.7m (10m when fully loaded at 200kg). A zero tail swing articulating riser gives up-and-over clearance of 6m at full stretch. A transport length of 7.32m, width of 1.7m and a low weight of 3150 kg makes manoeuvring easy in narrow and awkward places.

Standard features include a 200Ah battery pack which can be extended to 400Ah. The battery power pack works with minimum noise and a no exhaust "green" operation, for fast and stable lift movements. If extra power capacity is needed, battery and combustion engine operation is an option: a siingle-cylinder petrol or diesel engine with individual pump system is mounted - 230V mains operation is available too.

Hydraulic propulsion enables the Omme Lift 2300 EX to be easily manoeuvred around the worksite and high levels of stability both in operation and in towing have been addressed.

The new basket is designed to help users get closer to the jobsite - particularly when working on roofs.

The new 2300 EX will be available from September 2012 and can be seen for the first time at Platformers Days in Germany on the 7th and 8th of September 2012.

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