Outreach key for 180 ATJ

01 May 2008

The new 160 ATJ and 180 ATJ Maniaccess models have working heights of 16,25 m and 17,65 m, respectively, and it is the latter-in a ‘new’intermediate height category between the more traditional 15 to 16 m and 20 m heights-that is likely to spark most interest among rental companies and contractors.

Sebastien Braud, head of Manitou's aerial platform division, said the new height category will not be a difficult sell because the machine's key feature is its 10,6 m maximum outreach, which is similar to some 20 m machines on the market; “Users are used to 16 m and 20 m machines. But in many cases they are using a 20 m machine only for its outreach. The 180 gives then the chance to have a more compact machine with more outreach.”

The two machines have Euro II engines, share the same chassis (with 2,37 m stowed height, 2,3 m width, and 5,77 m transport length for the 180 model), and have 4WS, 4WD and crab steer as standard. They also have the same oscillating axles used on Manitou's telehandlers.

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