Raimondi launches 18 tonne luffer

By Alex Dahm20 February 2018

The 18 tonne capacity Raimondi LR330

The 18 tonne capacity Raimondi LR330

An 18 tonne luffing jib tower crane has been launched by manufacturer Raimondi in Italy. The LR330 has a maximum jib of 60 metres and at maximum radius the capacity is 3.3 tonnes.

Configurations are possible with two or four falls of rope and there is an Ultra-lift mode to maximise capability. Six jib lengths can be set between 30 and 60 m. There is a choice of three hoisting winches: a standard one at 80 kW; the two falls of rope configuration with a 110 kW unit; and for four-falls of rope there is an 80 kW version. Rope capacities are, respectively, 650 m, 1,000 m, and 980 m. A second emergency brake can be specified on all the winches. Maximum hoisting speed with the 110 kW model RHW110-T2 winch on a single fall of rope is 250 metres per minute. To luff the jib the 75 kW RLW75 winch can do it in 67.5 seconds from 15 up to 85 degrees, Raimondi said. A second brake can again be specified here.

Commenting on his new crane, Domenico Ciano, Raimondi Cranes technical director, said, “The LR330 is productive, durable, strong and efficient. As the flagship crane of the new luffing range, we have incorporated a breakthrough equilateral triangular jib design to enhance several different aspects of the machine. Structurally optimised, this innovative layout allows for improved packaging and transportation, simplifies the construction phase, and reduces wind impact on the jib, thereby decreasing the out of service radius.”

It has a new safety control system and a choice of configurations for the characteristics of the main movements. “Crane operators can now choose between three different configurations, enabling a change in parameters related to the movement speeds and dynamic. This functionality allows the operators to align the crane closer to their specific needs. Further, to reduce pressure on the operator and simultaneously increase the overall level of onsite safety, the safety control system’s installed sensors monitor all of the crane’s movements and monitor the load, supporting the operator as site hazards approach. Alerting the operator with alarms and direct intervention, the LR330 is both agile and intelligent,” Ciano explained.

Raimondi Cranes, which was established in 1863 in northern Italy, said it would begin shipping the LR330 in March, initially to fulfil orders from dealers. The first two units are for UK Raimondi agent and rental company Bennetts Cranes Ltd.

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