SDMO launches new lighting towers

By Patrick Hill17 June 2008

SDMO's new RL 16 tower model generates 320000 lumens.

SDMO's new RL 16 tower model generates 320000 lumens.

The smallest of three new lighting towers from SDMO in France is the 840 kg RL6. It generates 100000 lumens from four 1000 W halogen bulbs, and its 7 m high column rotates through 350º. A Mitsubishi L3E SD engine powers the model, and noise level has been held to 86 LwA.

The size of its fuel tank allows a maximum run time of 31 hours, and the RL6's length, without dismantling, is 3340 mm. That dimension enables eight units to fit into a 20 ft shipping container, said the company.

Bigger are the RL 12 and 16 models, which generate 320000 lumens from four 1000 W metal iodide bulbs. The RL 12 weighs 1190 kg and the RL 16 weighs 1260 kg; both are 4170 mm long and 1420 mm wide. Height of their extended columns, which rotate 330º, is 8.5 m. The RL 12 can run for 20 hours on a tank of fuel, and the RL 16 for 15 hours.

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