Smart solution for Netherlands sea dam

By Euan Youdale07 October 2016

The Mobile Suspended Platform (MSP) from Smart Platform Solutions (SPS) at the Oosterscheldekering.

The Mobile Suspended Platform (MSP) from Smart Platform Solutions (SPS) at the Oosterscheldekering.

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Service (Brand) has provided maintenance for sea locks of the Oosterscheldekering, a dam which runs between the Zeeland islands of Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland in the Netherklands to protect the country from flooding.

Brand chose an innovative solution from Smart Platform Solutions (SPS) which uses a JLG telescopic boom lift, with its platform and jib substituted by a self climbing gondola to create the Mobile Suspended Platform (MSP).

The gondola is modular and can be assembled in several configurations. The engineering, from concept to machine, was carried out by SPS’ sister company Van Grootveld Engineering, with about 20 years of experience in vertical transport.

It is equipped with two self climbing hoists, with a secondary device and cable reels, which comply with the European EN1808.

All normal machine operations can be operated from the gondola. Because of safety issues, steering and driving is only available if the gondola is in the upper outmost position. Also, 230 Volts DC is available at the gondola.

The new combinations is type-approved and fullfils the requirements of the European Directive 2006/42/EC and the European standards EN280 and EN1808 if applicable.

The MSP’s working envelope extends below ground level and can be removed from the location quickly and easy; a requirement on this project. According to Brand this saves time and costs compared to scaffolding, normally used for this kind of work.

“The MSP shows a wide range of possible applications, not limited to this specific situation at the sea locks. Also maintenance, cleaning and painting jobs of difficult reachable buildings or storage tanks are in scope,” said a company spokesperson.

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