Speaker profile – Kati Tuominen

By Steve Ducker17 October 2022

Kati Tuominen is a director of business development and marketing at Finland’s Purkupiha Group, which has taken part in an EU Horizon 2020 project, creating a BIM and RFID traceability system to provide information on materials before deconstruction.

Kati Tuominen. (Photo: Purkupiha Group)
Circular economy in demolition - dismantling for reconstruction

Deconstruction of assembled steelwork is generally a straightforward task. However, facility owners and contractors are facing many challenges when trying to streamline the process into the successful reuse project when the recovered components are assembled again in a different place.

One of the barriers for successful reuse is lack of reliable and accurate information about the components, their material quality, coating or modifications made during their previous life.

There are also challenges in understanding the whole deconstruction process and what are the changes between the ordinary demolition and deconstruction processes.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Purkupiha as leading demolition contractor in Finland, are partners in EU Horizon 2020 project called Iceberg, in which they demonstrated deconstruction and reuse of used building components and steel frames on demolition sites.

The aim was to indicate major challenges in deconstruction process and find solutions or create suggestions into value chain members that are involved. They also demonstrated pre-deconstruction audit including 3D scanning of a steel hall that was sold for reuse.

Contractors or facility owners can nowadays offer deconstructed building components for sale on various trading portals in Finland, but the information about their material and dimensions is typically produced after deconstruction.

With the demonstrated BIM model and RFID traceability system, the information can be ready before deconstruction, allowing more efficient reuse and better decision-making in deconstruction planning phase.

Kati Tuominen

Kati Tuominen (MSc) has 20 years of experience on business development and the commercialisation of CDW (construction and demolition waste) into raw materials. She established a bituminous roofing felt recycling business in Finland including national waste collection network, managed End of Waste (EoW), CE-marking and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) processes and launched new waste based raw material into the asphalt industry.

Today, Kati works at a leading demolition company in Finland with dismantled construction material reuse issues and is a driving force in increasing the demand of CDW originated materials in Finland.

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