Tandem lift for Megalift

19 May 2014

The GMK6300L and GMK6220L lift the 64 tonne base into position

The GMK6300L and GMK6220L lift the 64 tonne base into position

Crane rental company Megalift used three Grove all terrain cranes to help install a floating building on the river Mosel in Schengen, Luxembourg.

Work for the all terrains included installing the foundations for the floating building, which will be a tourist information centre.

Cranes used included a 300 tonne capacity GMK6300L, a 220 tonne capacity GMK6220L, and a GMK3055. The GMK6300L and GMK6220L were used to carry out a tandem lift of a 64 tonne base into position. The base was 34 metres long and 6 m wide. The GMK3055 was used for support, a company spokesperson said.

Challenges included a difficult set up, as the job site was on a small, residential road next to a sloped riverbank, a company spokesperson said. During the lift river traffic was stopped.

Uwe Döring, MobilKranTechnik general manager, Manitowoc’s local dealer, said, “It was extremely important that the two cranes worked together to lift the load smoothly. The operators were very impressed by the ease with which they handled the demanding job. The cranes caused minimum disruption to the surrounding area, performed the lift very efficiently and were on their way to the next job site in no time.”

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