Telescopic is the word

By Alex Dahm09 January 2009

Mammoet's new Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 1,200 tonne capacity telescopic mobile crane on nine axle carri

Mammoet's new Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 1,200 tonne capacity telescopic mobile crane on nine axle carrier carrying out its first job

Liebherr's new 1,200 tonne capacity LTM 11200-9.1 carried out its first task in September for owner Mammoet.

According to the company it also marked the beginning of a new era in which telescopic boomed cranes will take on the work previously exclusive to lattice boom crawler cranes.

The 9-axle crane helped extend a radio tower in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to a height of 146 m. The crane's configuration consisted of a 55 m main boom, telescopic extension, 90 m luffing fly-jib and Y-suspension.

A shorter, 54 m fly-jib, was used for the first five radio tower section lifts. Loads reached 67 tonnes and were lifted to a height of 112 m.

Next, segments weighing 9.5 tonnes each were hooked on to the luffing fly-jib which was extended to 90 m.

Some 202 tonnes of counterweight was used, along with a 13 x 13 m supporting base of and the Y-suspension positioned a 45° angle.

The new crane has also impressed Mammoet with its economical transportation. For the job in Amsterdam, 16 truck loads, additional to the crane carrier, were necessary. "[This is] roughly five trucks less than necessary for a crawler crane with a comparable configuration," comments Kees Herrijgers, Mammoet leader of operation.

"But the crane will demonstrate its greatest efficiency when it moves to jobs with its 100 m main boom," adds the company.

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