Thompson Pump launches new high-head model

17 June 2012

The new 6 inch, high-head 6JCC pump from Thompson Pump

The new 6 inch, high-head 6JCC pump from Thompson Pump

US-based Thompson Pump and Manufacturing Co., Inc has introduced a new 6 inch, high-head 6JCC pump.

The portable 6JCC pump delivers 4.2 m3/min (1100 gpm), high heads to 150 m (490 ft) and 14.6 bar (212 psi) with automatic initial priming and re-priming. The pump comes with Thompson's Enviroprime System, which helps avoid the spillage of pump fluids during operation.

According to Thompson the new pump is ideal for high pressure applications such as for clear water jetting, water boosting, wellpoint installation, water supply for hydraulic fracturing, washdowns, tank cleaning and fire protection in markets such as construction, mining, oil and gas, and marine.

Family-owned Thompson Pump specialises in the manufacture, sales and rental of pumps.

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