Topcon's new levels fill gap in range

21 February 2012

Topcon’s 2LS brand is said to incorporate advanced features not available in other builder-type lase

Topcon’s 2LS brand is said to incorporate advanced features not available in other builder-type laser and optical products.

Topcon is introducing a new series of laser and levels - 2LS (Tools) - that it said bridged the gap between do-it-yourself lasers, and industrial quality lasers and levels, as well as other surveying instruments used on large construction and civil engineering projects.

Four new models are available with the 2LS brand - Orion automatic levels, Gemini series of interior lasers, Leo series of line lasers and the Taurus rotating laser system - and they are said to incorporate advanced features not available in other builder-type laser and optical products.

Topcon said the new laser systems were designed for people who needed reliable, accurate elevation and alignment control at an affordable price.

Topcon's RTP-300 Real Time Profiler is now available in Europe. It collects surface data at speeds up to 105kph and creates an exact model of the existing surface.

The RTP-300's data collection system includes a Topcon GNSS dual-constellation satellite receiver system, three laser profilers, wheel encoder technology and a comprehensive computer data collection system.

Topcon subsidiary Sokkia has just launched the CX total station series, which it described as being "more powerful and more accurate with features never before available in survey instruments".

It said the CX models featured the most powerful and accurate RED-tech electronic distance measurement (EDM) technology available. It has the ability to shoot up to 500m reflectorless and 4,000m with a prism, and claims the fastest measurement time in its class.

Topcon said the RTP-300 system could be quickly and easily installed onto any vehicle with a trailer hitch, making it a mobile surveying vehicle that generated a higher resolution topography map than conventional surveying methods in a fraction of the time and with superior accuracy.

Topcon's wireless tilt sensor system for excavators - the X-22 - was launched last year, and will be at Intermat.

The X-22 is the latest addition to Topcon's excavator machine control series, and is aimed at satisfying the increased demands for job site durability, accuracy, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Topcon claimed the system was easy to learn and even easier to operate, and that it enabled any operator to dig quicker, more safely and more accurately than ever before.

The X-22 uses plug-and-play technology designed to make installation and swapping between machines intuitive and fast. Topcon said it offered the flexibility to handle a wide range of tasks on any job site including site preparation, trenching, road building, shaping embankments, digging basements and profiling.

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