UpRight's machines for the future

30 November 2009

The Polaris booms and Phoenix scissors - protoypes for some of UpRight'snew models.

The Polaris booms and Phoenix scissors - protoypes for some of UpRight'snew models.

At its distributor conference in Dubai UpRight took the opportunity to explain and exhibit some of the products it has lined up for launch next year.

Under the working title of the Polaris and Phoenix ranges Sales director, Richard Tindale debuted the anticipated boom and scissor machines.

Polaris is a new generation of mid-sized booms, they have been designed with a common chassis, to which appropriate ballast will be added to suit each machine type.

Mr Tindale said that the Polaris booms "offer class leading performance, they have the Snorkel attributes of being simple, reliable, and durable and will be competitively priced - below the price of current models with better performance."

The 12 m telescopic boom (14 m with jib) will be shown at The Rental Show in Florida in February; a 20 m articulated boom will be shown at Bauma and the 20 m telescopic (22 m with jib) will be shown in the Summer and be ready to ship by the Autumn.

A further lightweight 20 m hybrid will follow in early 2011, Mr Tindale said, "[this machine] will take us to a place where no one else is competing."

In Dubai the telescopic boom with jib pictured is the 13.9 m working height model with a 227 kg basket capacity. The 1.37m turning radius is tighter than that of the existing model of similar height and its driving speed of 7.5km/hr beats the previous 4.8km/hr.

The machine has a closed loop hydrostatic four-wheel-drive with oscillating front and rear axels. Time to full height is 35 seconds and the 2.4 m wide platform has a high grip floor.

The Pheonix range of compact electric scissors is the culmination of combining Snorkel and UpRight models. UpRight says it is aiming to produce the best-value range of globally available compact electric scissors.

The new machines will replace Snorkel's S range and UpRight's MX and X ranges taking the best features of both series

Commonality of design and parts allows the machines to be shipped anywhere from any production facility. The new models will be available in 8 m, 10 m and 12 m working heights.

The 8 m versions will be shown at ARA's The Rental Show the other models can be seen at Bauma - delivery will be available from May 2010.

The scissors will feature PGtronics integrated control and overload systems; on board diagnosis and robust toggle switches. The machines have MX/X style roll out decks, a simple reliable pothole protection system and square section guard rails, which are easy to repair and replace.

Also coming next year is the SL20 sigma boom, designed in New Zealand it has a roll out deck with a 300 kg load capacity. It is an easy to operate and maintain machine and UpRight expects to market it at a price which will make it particularly attractive to rental companies.

The platform is 3.3 m when extended and the overall weight of the machine is 1300 kg. The SL20 travels at 3km/hr and has about 20% gradeability; it uses same controls as the Phoenix range. You should be able to see the machine at Bauma in April.

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