Used prices rise

By Maria Hadlow18 October 2011

Jonnie Keys of Euro Auction reported that like a lot of plant, young/fresh access equipment has become scarce in the UK.

"A lot has been exported in the last two years, prices are stable but customers will pay a premium for low hour, young machines.

"We are not seeing huge consignments like we did in 2009 and 2010 but we are getting more consignors with a few machines at each auction.

"The brands that tend to export the best are Genie and JLG followed by Haulotte. Wheeled boomlifts such as Genie Z45/25 always prove especially popular."

Example prices from recent auctions

Leeds 31 Aug, 1,2 September 2011

2005 Genie S45 Wheeled Boom Lift Access Platform - £17,000

2000 JLG 800AJ Wheeled Boom Lift Access Platform - £17,000

Dormagen 15, 16 September 2011

2001 Haulotte HA26PX Wheeled Boom Lift Access Platform - €8,000

2007 Upright UL25 Electric Wheeled Lift Access Platform - €2,250

Valencia 30 September 2011

Condor T66J Wheeled Boom Lift Access Platform - €5,000

2000 Liftlux SL205-25 Wheeled Scissor Lift Access Platform, Stabilisers - €6,500

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