Vinci firm wins €4 billion wind farm contract

A consortium led by Cobra IS subsidiary Dragados Offshore and Siemens energy has won a contract to deliver two energy converter platforms for wind farms in the North Sea.

An illustration of one of the North Sea converter platforms. Image: Vinci

The €4 billion contract, awarded by transmission system operator Amprion Offshore, will see Dragados and Siemens design, build and install the converters, which will be connected to Germany’s LanWin Hub wind project.

Each capable of transmitting up to 2GW of power, the converters will be constructed in Cadiz, Spain, creating more than 2,000 jobs, according to Vinci, the parent company of Cobra IS.

Once operational in 2030, the two platforms will collect alternating current from the farms, converting it into high voltage direct current (HVDC). Onshore stations approximately 400km away will then convert the electricity back into alternating current.

The 4GW to be converted by the platforms will, said Vinci, represent enough electricity to power a city of 4 million people, such as Berlin.

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