Wacker sells power trowel arm to Husqvarna

By Thomas Allen04 October 2019

Wacker Neuson has sold its concrete power trowel business to Husqvarna Group.

Husqvarna is acquiring all the product, research and development, and manufacturing assets relating to walk-behind and ride-on concrete power trowels, which will be added to its Construction Division. Sales in the power trowel segment in 2018 amounted to about SEK150 million.


Martin Lehner, CEO of Wacker Neuson

Martin Lehner, CEO of Wacker Neuson, said, “In line with our strategic pillar of ‘focus’, which aims to optimise our portfolio of competitive construction equipment, we have decided to concentrate even more on our core businesses, namely compact equipment, compaction equipment, utility and concrete consolidation with internal and external vibrators, and to divest the trowel business.”

The compact equipment manufacturer has been developing and producing trowels in North America, which represented the company’s largest market for these products.


Alexander Greschner, CSO of Wacker Neuson

Alexander Greschner, CSO of Wacker Neuson, said, “Our existing concrete power trowel customers will receive the same level of service and support as they experienced in the past.”

The company will continue to offer trowels as part of its product range throughout 2020 within the framework of an OEM agreement in which Husqvarna will manufacture power trowels on Wacker Neuson’s behalf. Wacker Neuson will continue to supply spare parts and services to its customers beyond that.

Wacker Neuson’s concrete internal and external vibrators business remains unaffected by the sale.


Henric Andersson, President of Husqvarna’s Construction Division

Henric Andersson, President of Husqvarna’s Construction Division, said, “Power trowels complement our current range in a great way, connecting the entire process from ground compaction to polished concrete floors, and fits well into our divisional strategy to grow our Concrete Surfaces and Floors business.”

The addition of the ride-on trowels was said to complete Husqvarna’s offering for concrete surfacing and polishing.

A Husqvarna product range will be launched in early 2020.

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