Water master plan for Bangalore

By Chris Sleight04 September 2015

Consultant CH2M has won the contract to develop a master plan for Bengaluru (Bangalore), India’s water and wastewater infrastructure needs up to 2050. The plan will provide the client, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), recommendations on how it should manage water resources and plan water infrastructure projects for the best environmental, social and economic results.

According to CH2M, Bengaluru has grown to a population of nearly 10 million in the last two decades, with further growth to 25 million inhabitants expected by 2050. This has created severe stress on water supply, sanitation services and associated infrastructure.

CH2M global water business group president Greg McIntyre said, “The latest undertaking by BWSSB is a visionary and proactive approach for the city to develop an integrated and forward looking master plan, which is futuristic and includes resiliency to withstand future water challenges posed by Bengaluru’s continued growth.

“We are looking forward to working with BWSSB on this visionary project and helping our client develop a holistic plan that balances the city’s water and wastewater service and infrastructure needs with its forecasted growth, as well as prepare a water infrastructure strategy and master plan which can be used as a model for other Indian cities in the future.”

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