Website and app for finding training debuts

By Lindsey Anderson20 October 2015

A new website – and mobile app – aims to make finding and offering training easier. The Safety Training Exchange ( is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers of industrial and commercial construction safety training and business services can find each other instantly.

The site, owned and operated by All Trained LLC in Atlanta, was founded by Greg Strid (president of All Trained LLC) and a group of investors with various backgrounds including industrial and commercial construction management, occupational safety training, media and financial services.

The online marketplace allows buyers and sellers of training to meet and schedule training.

“The Exchange enhances the employer’s accessibility to competent trainers; which increases the number of employees who are properly trained, drives down EMR, RIR and OSHA citations, reduces employer litigation risk, and, most importantly, saves lives and reduces hazards and injury in the workplace,” said Strid.

“Let’s say for some reason there is a hiccup in the workflow at a commercial jobsite and a scheduled training needs to be rescheduled on short notice,” Strid said. “If the previously hired trainer is unavailable, the requesting member can come back on the Exchange and find someone quickly who can do the training that best fits their workflow schedule. Imagine how many more people will get properly trained, how much more efficient the schedule flows, and how much more profitable the margins become.”

The site is currently live and is looking for providers and vendors for available services in the southeast U.S. Joining is free and Strid said once there are enough members for each category, the company will begin beta testing the STE app with GCs and plant managers in southeast U.S."

“All requests made by a member contractor, per jobsite, will go out anonymously to every member vendor in the U.S. who services the requested category in the U.S. state where the jobsite resides,” Strid said. “Each vendor will see the town, state, category, and date(s) for requests he or she is qualified. The requesting member can throttle responses for each request in batches of 5, 10, and 20; with no restriction on resends.”

Vendors and trainers connect with contractors and managers on a first come, first served basis. The hierarchy on the list of responding vendors whose profiles make it to the dashboard of the requesting member is not monetized or randomly populated.

“Most people recognize the ethical and economic reasons for having a safer workplace, but finding specialized training, on demand, that fits into an owner, GC, or CM’s ever-changing workflow schedule is a struggle for both sides,” Strid said. “We should give people what they need, where they need it, when they need it. It increases a trainer’s visibility and creates a more efficient way for employers to get every worker trained, either online or in-person, do-it-yourself or full service.”

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