King Lifting’s LTM1500-8.1 at Hinkley Point

23 July 2018

UK-based crane hire company King Lifting has supplied a Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 500te mobile all terrain crane for use at the Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor project.


The crane was used to help install a tripper carriage and tail. The heaviest lift was the tripper carriage, which weighed 33 tonnes and was lifted at a radius of 27 metres with a 47.3 m guyed main boom and 105 tonnes of counterweight.

According to King Lifting, both lifts required detailed planning and the relevant site approvals had to be gained. The company said all lifting was completed successfully, safely, and within the given time frame.

Steve Wathen, director of heavy cranes at King Lifting, said, “it is fantastic to be involved with the build of the new Hinkley Point C Power Station. Our project team have been meticulously planning this lift over the past few months and this further demonstrates our capability to ensure complex lifting solutions are delivered and executed to the highest safety standards.”



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