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Bright future
This year has been dominated by big news in the heavy lift sector with manufacturers launching a range of breathtaking machinery designed for the proliferating energy market. Euan Youdale reports
Swedish power shift
Illustrating how heavy haul and heavy lift go hand in hand is the project to transform an old E.ON power plant in Malmö, Sweden into a new ultra-modern cogeneration gas fired power plant. A substantial part of the new equipment was shipped from abroad. Local transport and installation of the heavy lifts and auxiliary equipment was done by Westdijk and van Harten. Gino Koster reports the details
Following a strong turnout in the polls to determine the winner of the 2007 TopLift contest, we can reveal here the victor and first two runners-up
Whirlwind rise
Wind energy has experienced dramatic growth over the last decade as governments and other funding bodies have come to realise the advantages of harnessing such a powerful and reliable source of energy to generate electricity. Suppliers of heavy lift cranes are reaping the benefits. Euan Youdale Reports
Blowing in the wind
New machinery, techniques and refined skills have cut time and cost of installation and maintenance of wind turbines. Scandinavian companies have been pioneers in much of this work and have developed some impressive techniques
Electric dreams
Manufacturers of electronic devices and systems are meeting increased demands for safety and user friendliness with ever more advanced products to complement complex jobsite demands. Euan Youdale reports
Boom in Australia
Mark Lawrence is chief executive officer at Boom Logistics, Australia's largest crane operating company. He took over the position from Roderick Harmon who retired in June 2007. The Melbourne-based company has 62 depots around the country, supporting 586 cranes and over 2,000 pieces of access equipment. EUAN YOUDALE spoke to Lawrence about the crane market
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