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Counting rental
How big is Europe's equipment rental market? Answering that question is the main task of the European Rental Association's Statistics Committee, and the committee has already come up with some numbers
A good site?
What makes a good website, and how do you make sure that customers visit it? David Caruso concludes his series of articles on new online marketing tools.
People news: from the world's rental industry
People news: from the world's rental industry
Picking the pieces
The crane component sector is under close scrutiny from at least two angles. The manufacturers'struggle to keep up with demand for new cranes is largely attributed to component shortages. Of greater concern are sub-standard potentially unsafe counterfeit components finding their way onto cranes, partly as a result of the shortages. Euan Youdale reports
Lighter move
In what may seem like a regular job, a pre-fabricated bridge, measuring 24.5 m long and 5 m wide, was moved and put in place in the Dutch city of Dronten. A “core”factor, however, meant that things were not what they seemed. Gino Koster asks whether carbon composites are a threat, a blessing or both
Flying towers
A helicopter was used to erect a tower crane 3,300 metres up in the Swiss Alps to help renovate a station on the Piz Corvatsch Mountain. Euan Youdale reports.
TopLift 2007
The eighth annual TopLift contest, where International Cranes and 10 entries below and use your vote to help decide who will win Specialized Transport asks readers to pick their favourite lifting this year. To register your vote complete the form on page 42 and projects from the last year is here. Pick your favourite from the fax or post it to us or e-mail your vote to: toplift@khl.com.
On show in China
BICES, China's longest running construction equipment exhibition, will be held for the 9th time this October in Beijing. IC previews the event
Sentiment softens
Although still in positive territory, sentiment about the European Construction industry softened further in August. It remains to be seen if this is a seasonal effect, or a more pronounced decline. Chris Sleight reports.
Down, down, down
The turbulence that hit the world's stock markets in August had a pronounced effect on construction shares, wiping -12,6%, or € 72 billion, off the sector's value. Chris Sleight reports.
Opportunities in Turkey
PPP is the cornerstone of the Turkish Government's modernisation plans. But as Beril Tandogan of Luther Karesek writes, the PPP market is still immature and there are opportunities for foreign companies with experience of this procurement route.
Harmonisation opportunity
Fiec believes the current reworking of legislation around 'ce marks' presents an opportunity to increase the flow of goods in the EU by providing better information and improving market surveillance.
October summit
This year's cece Summit promises to be the best ever, with seminars and forums augmented by the launch of three major new initiatives.
Gaining Growth
Construction in Germany enjoyed an upswing during 2006, relieving the country of its ten-year recession. Industry forecasters expect this growth will continue in 2007, if at a slightly slower rate. Becca Wilkins reports.
Flexible friends
Greater flexibility, easier maintenance requirements, longer service intervals and improved operator comfort are helping boost sales of skid steer and compact wheeled loaders throughout the region. Richard High reports.
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