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Premier League
HSS is slimming down its UK network, reducing the number of product lines in its fleet, and focusing on being a “logistical partner” with its customers. Murray Pollok reports on the new HSS.
Keep It Safe
Do you have a health and safety plan for your rental business? If not, then start thinking now. Will Leftwich, a former HSS Hire safety director and now an independent consultant, summarises what you need to consider.
All Change
Revenues are increasing and companies are getting bigger-these are the obvious messages from this year's IRN-100. But what else does it tells us about the global rental market? Murray Pollok reports.
Reducing Compaction Headaches
There is no escaping the importance of the rental market to manufacturers of compaction equipment. The result, as Patrick Hill reports, is new equipment designed to be economical to own and easy to operate and maintain.
The Growth Challenge
Japan has a mature rental market, which makes the growth strategies of its biggest rental companies all the more interesting. Murray Pollok reports.
Good visibility
Michael J. Kneeland became interim chief executive officer of United Rentals on 4 June, following the retirement of CEO Wayland Hicks. Mr Kneeland has been with the company since 1998 and has 25 years in the equipment rental industry, so how does he view current prospects for the business?
In The Right Place
ERA's president Gerard Deprez, speaking at the organisation's recent convention in Berlin, said the association “had found its place in Europe right from its first year”. IRN reports from the event.
ERA's priorities
The ERA's priorities for the coming 12 months were outlined during the convention:
Use The Tools
Party and events companies who don't exploit the latest computer technology when communicating with clients risk losing out to those that do. David Caruso continues his series of articles on online technology.
Transforming Power
It's just over six months since Carrier Corp bought the Longville Group. So what is happening at the business? Murray Pollok spoke to Richard Jones, the man in charge of CRS' international business.
Understanding Consolidation
Jens Sjöberg, a district manager with Ramirent, has written an MBA dissertation on the process of consolidation in the equipment rental industry. Here, he summarises his main findings.
Make life easy
Digital pens, &dashboard' rental indicators on your PC, self-service rental cabins: these are just some of the hi-tech innovations being developed for rental businesses today. Murray Pollok rounds-up the latest rental IT news.
Site Significant
There will always be a need for power, air and light on job sites- work just doesn't happen without them. Patrick Hill looks at new generators, compressors and lighting towers that are ideal for rental fleets.
Strength to Strength
Russia's construction sector is seeing enormous growth, with high investment in infrastructure, office space and housing. You would expect this to fuel the development of rental in the country, but is it? Richard High reports from the recent CTT exhibition in Moscow.
Hand-held power
International Rental News rounds up some of the new developments in the busy power tools sector as manufacturers strive to add increased safety, greater efficiency, as well as power to their ranges. Kate Barker reports.
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