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Dollar Dives
November was a quiet month for the stock markets, with prices holding steady following October’s gains. More notable was the sharp dip in the value of the Dollar and a further slide for the Yen. Chris Leight reports.
Guarding against fraud
Although fraud may be committed by individuals, the corporate consequences can be huge. Seanelson and Adam Webster of Pinsent Masons look at new laws in this area and suggest how construction companies should adapt to guard against litigation.
Revision not needed
The European Commission’s decision to revise the Construction Products Directive could have far reaching implications for construction equipment manufacturers and materials suppliers alike. FIEC believes any fundamental redrafting is not necessary.
Machinery revision
From the end of 2009 the new Machinery Directive will make construction equipment safer and also improve the function of the internal market. CECE reviews the key improvements.
Infrastructure investment
Roads in Europe are among some of the busiest in the world but are also the safest. However, without construction of new routes and good maintenance of existing ones, the competitiveness of the region could be at risk. Claire Symes reports on the latest road construction and maintenance techniques and equipment.
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