Avant's e5 is a fully electric battery-powered loader concept said to have the same technical capabi

Avant's e5 is a fully electric battery-powered loader concept said to have the same technical capabilities as an Avant 500 series and can run many of the Avant attachments

Avant Tecno is launching the e5 – a fully electric battery-powered loader concept in the same size class as the Avant 500 series, offering zero emissions, extremely low noise and low running costs, according to the company.

The e5 is said to have approximately the same technical capabilities as an Avant 500 series machine and it can run many of the Avant attachments.

The Finnish company said that a battery-operated machine was especially well suited for indoor areas where no or very little ventilation is possible. Its low noise level enables work in noise restricted areas or where minimum interference caused by worksite noise is a benefit, said Avant.

Demolition and construction projects are highlighted by Avant as being among the potential customer base. It said that many such customers needed a machine with a relatively short working cycle during a work day, and so the battery life was not such a big issue for them.

The e5 is equipped with a 201Ah lead acid battery. It has two separate electric motors – 6kW motor for driving the machine and 2kW motor for loader boom operation and auxiliary hydraulics. Avant e5 has a 30 litres/m auxiliary hydraulics flow, which allows working with various Avant attachments, including a hydraulic hammer and various grapples.

Sales director Jani Käkelä said that operating time for the e5 varied, depending on the type of work. He said that 45 minutes to 1 hour was possible in heavy duty application with a great deal of pushing, and heavy use of auxiliary hydraulics.

This was said to increase to 1.5 to 4 hours with medium duty use – some pushing, and heavy to medium use of auxiliary hydraulics.

Light duty will allow 4 to 5 hours operating time, said Käkelä, explaining that this would consist mainly of transport driving and lifting, with light or no auxiliary hydraulics use.

The loader has an integrated battery charger, which makes it possible to charge batteries anywhere a 220V/10A power outlet is available.

A battery pack exchange system will be available in the serial production loaders. It will enable quick changing of the batteries, which Avant said guaranteed a continuous full day of operation even in heavy and medium duty applications.

Charging time for the battery pack to 100% capacity is said to be approximately five hours, while an 80% battery capacity can be achieved in around three hours.

Käkelä also said that the machine, which will be on show at Bauma in Munich, Germany, in April, could be used while plugged in.

Compact multi-purpose machine

Meanwhile, production of a new Avant 200 series has started at Avant Tecno’s factory in Ylojarvi. It was described as a compact multi-purpose loader that was useful in places where space was limited and a lightweight machine was necessary. It can tackle smaller scale demolition jobs, too, said Avant.

Käkelä said that ease of operation and safety had been improved.

“The new series features, for instance, an improved quick attach system for attachments, better visibility, more spacious cockpit and a new multi-function display on the dashboard.”

The new machines are 20mm wider and 60mm longer than their predecessors, which Käkelä said improved stability, among other things. The new chassis means more storage space for tools, etc, and the fuel tank and battery are larger than before.

The new 200 series also features the same Avant quick attach system for attachments as on the bigger models.

“The hydraulic hoses of the attachment are coupled with the multi connector, which guarantees easy connecting with a single hand movement – in all conditions,” said Käkelä.

The new Avant 200 series consists of three models. Production of the Avant 220 – with a 14.9kW petrol engine – and 225 – with an 18.6kW petrol engine – has started. Later, in about May, production will start on the Avant 225LPG, which is equipped with a low emission LPG engine. Avant said it was, therefore, well suited for indoor refurbishing and demolition jobs, where a low unladen weight of the machine was essential.

The 220 and the 225 will be at Bauma, as will the 225LPG as a pre-production model.


Avant Tecno is expanding its premises with the purchase of a neighbouring 44,000m2 plot.

Käkelä said, “The property sale enables us to move our operations into new facilities quickly, providing us much-needed space for our production.”

Avant does not plan to take the entire property immediately, but part of the production and shipping operations will move there soon.

Avant Tecno is looking for growth in the US. It said its sales had grown continuously in recent years despite the extremely challenging economic situation in Europe and Russia. Avant loaders are sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

Käkelä said, “We believe in a minimum annual growth of 5%. The goal is to maintain our growth at approximately the same level in Europe. We will seek growth in the US, where we established Avant Tecno USA approximately two and a half years ago.”


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