Folding towers: up and away, further afield

Growing demand and the lure of new markets is spurring manufacturers of self-erecting and mobile folding cranes to continue to innovate. Christian Shelton reports



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Heavy lifting: Lift off!

A look at the latest developments in the global heavy lift arena. Christian Shelton reports

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Interview: The safety evangelist

Alex Dahm asks Marco van Daal about his drive to improve safety in the lifting and transport industry around the world

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Toplift 2018: Winning ways

Readers picked their favourite lift from a selection of ten spectacular projects showcased in the September 2018 issue. ICST reveals the winners


ICM20: Back to black

Recovery in China and M&A activity elsewhere has changed this year’s ICm20 ranking of the world’s largest crane manufacturers



Rough terrain cranes: rough and ready

A look at products and applications in the rough terrain sector. Christian Shelton reports


SPMT: Modular development

The modular nature of the SPMT lends itself to hybridisation  and equipment manufacturers are now exploring exciting variants. Christian Shelton reports on the evolution of the SPMT

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Below the hook: a diverse spread

A look at news and products from the diverse below the hook sector. Christian Shelton reports on developments


Onboard electronics: smart thinking

As technology evolves at an ever-faster pace, onboard electronics are enhancing safety and productivity more than ever before. Christian Shelton reports on developments

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Offshore lifting: Work on water

Three main types of work are keeping the offshore lifting sector expanding. Alex Dahm reports


Crawler cranes: Forward advance!

The crawler crane sector is thriving, with an abundance of new cranes on the market. Christian Shelton takes a look