‘Life saving’ in mobile machinery areas

28 May 2020

Australian control and engineering solutions firm PRM Engineering Services has recently introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that monitors danger zones and alerts safety breaches in real time.

Sentinel VISION - Waste web

Sentinel Vision AI can monitor for pedestrians as well as operators and site employees

Developed in the past three three years, Sentinel Vision AI responds directly to growing legislative and cultural safety impetus by detecting pedestrians around moving machinery.

And the company who launched it believes that its focus on both operator and pedestrian safety sets it apart from typical safety solutions on the market that solely focused on operators or site employees.

PRM Group’s Director, Mike Davis said there was a need for more innovative safety solutions in Australian hazardous essential service environments.

“In complex workplaces such as waste, rail and construction there can be many obstacles and objects that may not be critical but do trigger regular alarms, resulting in operators tuning them out,” said Mike Davis, director of the Brisbane-based PRM Group.

“This imposes a huge risk on employees and other pedestrians in the area, which is why we have developed this advanced human-only detection system to limit alarms to critical risks and alerts both the operator and pedestrian,” he said.

Sentinel Vision Al uses cameras, machine-learning and information input algorithms that detect humans or parts of a human and trigger both visual and audible alarms to alert the operator and the pedestrian.

This safety solution is adaptable for dangerous working environments where mobile machinery and earthmoving equipment, such as loaders, waste trucks and excavators, are used near pedestrians.

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