DAE Pumps expands pump offering

By Thomas Allen09 October 2020

US-based pump manufacturer DAE Pumps has expanded its line of submersible sludge and slurry pumps with the launch of its new Galveston series.


DAE Pumps’ new Galveston series pumps range in size from 4 to 8 inches

Comprising three sizes – 4, 6 and 8 inches – the new series of centrifugal pumps is capable of transferring up to almost 8,000 litres per minute at 56kW.

These heavy-duty pumps are equipped with a combined strainer with a partially open stand and an agitator to enhance suction. They can pass sludge, sand, minerals and solids of just over 6cm in diameter.

The new pumps were said to be suitable for a range of applications, from mining and wastewater to dredging and process pumping.

Richard Russo, Business Development Manager at DAE Pumps, said, “Our customers requesting low-cost, heavy-duty submersible pumps that can process more material in less time now have options with the Galveston series.”

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