KenzFigee and CMIC to partner

By Niamh Marriott05 July 2022

Offshore and wind energy lifting specialist KenzFigee and CMIC, a supplier of integrated onshore and offshore oil and gas solutions have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to explore how both companies can complement each other with the design and supply of key products to the offshore wind market in China.

Virtual signing ceremony of the agreement with Jiang Binghua, CEO of CMIC and Maikel Takken, CEO of KenzFigee (Photo: KenzFigee)

The two companies said that this cooperation is a result of the rapidly emerging market for offshore renewable energy products for Chinese (offshore) wind farms, WTIV’s (wind turbine installation vessels) and SOV’s (service operation vessels).

The companies believe that this approach will mutually benefit all clients and create a stronger market position for each.

Crane partnership

The companies will explore the potential of a bigger partnership that will include large installation cranes and other equipment for the (wind) offshore market.

“We are excited to work with CMIC and be able to offer solutions for the rapidly emerging market for offshore renewables in China. Through this cooperation we will be able to leverage the vast experience of both companies,” said Maikel Takken, CEO of KenzFigee. “We are very much looking forward to this cooperation and to bringing this plan to full execution.”

“The signing of this agreement brings together the strengths of both companies to provide complementary factors of specialized technology, manufacturing capabilities, and project financing to fill an opportune supply gap,” said Jiang Binghua, CEO of CMIC.

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