Result Group says 'Rules Engine' delivers big benefits

By Murray Pollok12 March 2010

Software company Result Group says a new ‘Rules Engine' function being offered with its rental software will "cut costs and deliver massive productivity gains."

The system provides automatic prompts and questions for rental depot staff to ask when taking orders and in many other routine rental tasks.

Result says it will "drive absolutely consistent behaviour across the enterprise and ensure that the rules set by management are actually being realised on the ground."

The genesis of the Rules Engine came when one of its big US rental customers approached it for a solution to the problem of having complex product and non-specialist staff.

The problem was "leading to slow and inaccurate quotations for their customers and restricting their growth potential", says Result.

Result's development team, working with the customer, created a system that allows a salesperson to offer the best product to the customer based on the answers to a logical question flow.

The software company says the system "de-skills the quotation process and maximises the technical knowledge held by a few individuals."

Having been initially developed for staff taking orders, the Rules Engine has now been extended to cover a wide range of applications, including CRM script manager, customer service call, asset pricing optimisation, free days rules, customer service call creation, geographical rules engine and campaign management rules.

"This means a client could control employee workflow for every interaction they are likely to have...whether it's with a customer, chasing a debt, managing an asset etc.", says Result.

"This is beyond workflow, KPIs, dashboards etc. It's about driving absolutely consistent behaviour across the enterprise and ensuring that the rules set by management are actually being realized on the ground.

The Rules Engine is available when existing customers upgrade their software.

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