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By Lindsey Anderson08 May 2019

The track-mounted aerial market has become more relevant in the construction, industrial and tree care industries, according to Ben Taft, vice president of sales for Teupen North America.

“We see a growing interest and need for track-mounted MEWPs,” Taft says. “Generally, track-mounted MEWPs like our machines are used in place of scaffolding, so Teupen lifts use less man hours to perform the work needed than the regular scaffold job thus providing an efficient means. Track-mounted MEWPs also increase productivity in terms of less setup time, less labor needed and less costs.”

Taft says the company has seen an increase in preorders of their machines and that the North American market is on a steady incline.

“We also foresee a steady growth in North America based on what our customers tell us and what their needs are,” Taft notes. “We could predict that in the next 12 months there will be a greatly larger presence of track-based MEWPs in the industry than there were in 2018. Teupen lifts are becoming more common at not only the national rental companies but also regional and local rental companies.”

However, getting the market to understand the benefits of track-based access equipment can also be tricky.

“The largest issue we face is the lack of education about our machines,” Taft explains. “People think that our machines are more difficult to work on and more difficult to use. Teupens are in fact easy to use and to work on. Service techs are assuming that these kinds of machines are a harder machine for service work, when they are in fact just a boom lift on tracks. For example, our lifts can come off as intimidating for those who don’t know them because they look like a spider. These track-based lifts are actually built for ease of use and functionality.

“As the track-based compact lifts are on the rise, so will be on the rise of the knowledge of how to use them safely and to work on them.”

Alain Paré, aerial specialist for Canadian-based UP Equip echoes Taft.

“Some companies are still reluctant to entrust what they perceive as being high priced machines in the hands of some employees while paradoxically entrust the same employees to go with bucket trucks or standard MEWP on wheels,” Paré explains. “Perception is the biggest challenge. The only way this can be overcome is again awareness and information.”

UP Equip was listed as the 47th fastest-growing company in Canada in 2016 and 80th in 2017.

“We are consistently growing,” Paré says. “The market is still hungry for this still-niche equipment.”

UP Equip has debuted a new unit that will reach 101 feet of working height and 48 feet of horizontal reach – the Easy Lift 101-48AJ, which is now available in North America.

“The most surprising thing about this unit will be its width: 35 inches and its weight: 9,600 pounds,” Paré says. “By far it is the unit that will offer the best performance versus overall dimension/specs.”

Teupen also has several new design updates to its products including a new hydraulic system for its TL54AJ. “It allows the machine quicker speed in the boom and overall in usage,” Taft explains.

Teupen is also working toward a higher basket capacity for its machines going from 400 to 600 pounds. The company showed a completely redesigned TL92SJ at Bauma 2019 (a full report will be in the May/June issue of ALH.)

“The industry is growing toward more innovative and safe access machines,” Taft says. “With track-based lifts like the Teupen LEO Series, it will definitely continue to push the envelope on height and reach on jobsites of any terrain or access needs.

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