Tadano’s crane slewing simulator competition

By Niamh Marriott29 September 2021

Tadano is holding the “Crane Slewing Operation Optimization Challenge,” an AI algorithm competition using an automated crane simulator for operators.

Tadano intends this competition to encourage the industry to embrace automation and realise the safety benefits for crane operations.

A Tadano spokesperson said, “In the construction industry where our products are active, retirement of skilled workers due to advanced age and a slowdown in new hirings have resulted in a deepening labour shortage and other problems, and there has been a demand for the development related to unmanned operation and automation.

“Crane slewing operation should be done quickly and require experienced skills as operators need to be careful about the movement of the crane and the weight and position of the load.

“Participants in this competition will develop an automation algorithm in the simulator that is provided by Tadano, and will compete for overall rankings determined primarily by crane movement accuracy and speed.

“We aim to resolve the issues facing our industry together with all of you through open innovation programs, and hope to receive many entries to this competition.

Task Develop motion control AI that operates the crane simulator, and compete in terms of speed, accuracy, and safety of load transport during various kinds of slewing operations.


Competition start: 13 September 2021.

Competition end: 30 November 2021.

Awards ceremony (online): Late January 2022.

(*) To participate in the awards ceremony, consent to the participation rules of the competition will be required.


1st place: JPY 2,000,000 (US$18,000).

2nd place: JPY1,000,000 ($9,000)

3rd place: JPY500,000 ($4,500)

4th place: JPY300,000 ($2,700).

5th place: JPY200,000 ($1,800).


Where to enter

Please check the details and enter from the site below.


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