Aerial construction showcase

18 October 2017

Three Canadian companies showcased their combined aerial construction capabilities at the International Air Show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Four Seasons Aviation, Sprint Mechanical, and Lifting Gear Hire Canada first collaborated earlier in 2017 when Sprint was looking for a solution to install rooftop heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in instances where utilising a crane wasn’t an option.

It discovered Four Seasons Aviation which had all the necessary approvals and certification from Transport Canada for flying with a load over city centres. Four Seasons Aviation also had a suitable operations base, a team of mechanical and piloting staff, and it was seeking to expand into new markets.

The companies conducted extensive research to identify the most suitable helicopter to use for its aerial construction jobs. They opted to use a Sikorsky S-58T helicopter as, with upgrades and safety features added it can lift up to 4,500 lbs. The helicopter’s interior cargo space is 18 foot long and 6 foot, 2 inches high and it can carry up to 17 people. Four skids can be loaded with a forklift through the side door and swing-open tail section.

The two companies then turned to Lifting Gear Hire Canada to provide high capacity lifting and rigging equipment.

The demonstration of the companies’ combined aerial construction lift capability with the Sikorsky S-58T helicopter was performed every day of the air show.


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