AI Editor gets Pal Card

By Euan Youdale28 January 2013

AI Editor Euan Youdale has received his Powered Access Licence (PAL) after completing IPAF training in the UK.

Mr Youdale carried out the training at rental giant Nationwide Platform’s Thurrock facility earlier this month, and is now qualified to operate Mobile Vertical (3a) and Mobile Boom (3b) MEWPs.

The course was lead by Phil Drayton, senior instructor at Nationwide Platforms, which is part of the Lavendon Group. All eight students taking part in the one-day course, consisting of a theory and a practical test, passed. The practical testing was also carried out by a second instructor Neil Laws.

Mr Youdale, who has been editor at Access International since the beginning of November, said, “It was a fantastic training programme which provided all the core information to pass the course, but also encouraged students to think about all areas of safety when it comes to operating aerial platforms.

“I would like to thank the instructors, Mr Drayton and Mr Laws, for such a well presented course, and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) for organising my participation. It is great to now be a qualified operator and to have recieved my Pal Card.”

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