Allelys has the X Faktor

01 June 2017

127635 faktor 5 allelys

UK heavy transport and lifting company, Allelys Group, chose its Faktor 5 multi-functional high girder bridge from Goldhofer in Germany for two jobs in the UK.

The first involved transporting a 212 tonne transformer a distance of more than 100 km. To move the transformer Allelys decided to use a Goldhofer 2 x 12-axle THP/ST heavy-duty module in combination with the Faktor 5.

According to Goldhofer, the girder frame was used in ‘vessel bridge’ mode, which provided a vital few centimetres of clearance under low bridges. Goldhofer said that the hydraulics on the Faktor 5 enable it to be lowered (or raised) by up to 900 mm. It claimed this function also proved useful during the transshipment process once the transformer arrived at its destination.

The second job involved transporting a cable drum weighing 300 tonnes over a distance of 60 km. According to Goldhofer, the weight was no problem for the Faktor 5 as it is designed for payloads of up to 550 tonnes. This job also involved trans-shipment once the drum arrived at its destination.

Renato Ramella, Goldhofer’s European and North African sales director, commented, “For years Allelys has been an extremely important customer in the UK. We are delighted that our Faktor 5 has given it a real competitive advantage in terms of additional flexibility with ultra-heavy cargoes. At the same time, we also benefit from the regular feedback we receive from Allelys. That helps us make continual progress in our commitment to product optimisation to meet our partners’ needs.”

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