Autec opens North American branch

By Christian Shelton30 August 2017

Autec, an Italian manufacturer of wireless systems for the remote control of industrial lifting applications, has opened a branch in North America. According to Autec, it established Autec North America in order to better serve serve the growing demand for wireless control solutions in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


The official opening of Autec North America

Autec North America will be based in the Minneapolis area, and will act as the exclusive distributor of Autec products in this market. Technical sales, service and logistics will all be carried out from the same location.

Michael Weast, COO and technical director of Autec North America, commented, “Having started as a service technician in 2004, then moving on to application engineering and technical sales aspects, I had always felt like part of the Autec family, even though I’d been working for two different Autec distributors over that timespan. So, I’m very excited to be part of this new adventure.”

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