Bronto cleans up in New York

By Euan Youdale01 October 2018

S70XR Skyway Window NY (ID 38521)

At the beginning of 2017 Andrew Yaremiy, president and CEO of Skyway Window Cleaning, saw the potential to grow the business by purchasing a big truck mounted aerial platform. He chose a 70m (230ft) working height Bronto Skylift S70XR.

This is the first XR work platform that we have provided to US and as far as we know there is currently no higher truck mount in New York,” said Janne Pulkkinen, CEO of Bronto Skylift Inc.


From left: Andriy Yaremiy, Skyway; Janne Pulkkinen, Bronto Skylift; Petro Grubyak, Skyway.

Skyway Window Cleaning provides professional window cleaning services in the Greater New York area for a range of buildings including hotels to retail stores and town home associations. The platform makes it easier to carry out façade work, such as pressure washing, window cleaning and inspections. It also reduces long-term operating costs by reducing the need to rent aerial equipment from other companies.

The aerial part was built at Bronto Skylift Oy in Finland and then shipped to Bronto Skylift Inc in Orlando to be mounted on a Mack chassis. “We chose Bronto Skylift as our partner mainly because of the technological edge they have behind their platforms”, said Andrew Yaremiy, president and CEO of Skyway. The S70XR platform provides a working height of 70m (230ft) and outreach of 36m (118ft). Total weight is 36 tonnes, while transportation length is a compact 12m (39ft), which makes it ideal for road transportation in traffic and the streets of Greater New York. In addition to the new platform, Skyway Window Cleaning has one small 28m unit.

S70XR Skyway Window NY (ID 38520)

Skyway added a few optional extra to its order, including an extendable cage, an electrical, hydraulic and water outlet in the cage, as well as continuous 360-degree rotation. Working lights and ultrasonic collision guards adds extra safety.

“The platform will help us to provide even better services to our customers and do various jobs more efficiently. It’s also easier if there is no need to rent the equipment from outside and we can even rent the unit out to others,” said Yaremiy.Sk

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