Cat's acronyms explainedkl

25 April 2008

Acert - Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology: electronic engine management with high-pressure fuel injection system designed to reduce harmful emissions.

Arc - Automatic Retarder Control: +15% faster speeds on gradients, safer stopping, prevents brake overheating and engine overspeed.

Meui - Mechanically actuated, Electronically controlled Unit Injection system: combines electronic engine control, via Cat’s ADEM (Advanced Diesel Engine Management) controller, with direct, mechanically controlled fuel injection.

Ngmr - Next Generation Modular Radiator: single-pass flow cores, brazed copper fins, better leak protection, higher heat transfer rates.

Tpms -Truck Payload Management System: shows where the payload is in the dumper, weight, loaded travel time, loaded travel distance and accumulated weight.

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