Export versions of Link-Belt ATs ready in 2014

By Alex Dahm31 January 2014

Link-Belt ATC-3210 all terrain crane new at the March 2014 ConExpo exhibition in Las Vegas, USA

Link-Belt ATC-3210 all terrain crane new at the March 2014 ConExpo exhibition in Las Vegas, USA

Link-Belt will offer export versions of its all terrain cranes for sale outside the USA. Later in 2014 the 250 tonne capacity ATC-3275, launched in 2011, and the new 185 tonne capacity ATC-3210, will be available with features for an international market, the manufacturer said.

Roy Burger, Link-Belt international sales manager, said, “2014 is an exciting year for our dealers and customers around the globe. We will now be able to offer both all-terrain cranes with export configurations and Tier III engines to complement our successful line of cranes and continue to ‘Grow Globally.’ The Latin American markets are growing significantly in both of the tonnage classes Link-Belt offers. Trained operators and experienced mechanics can be hard to find throughout Latin America. Link-Belt’s all terrain cranes are designed to be simple to operate and maintain which makes them popular in developing markets.”

Transport is critical to any market so none of the counterweights on the ATC-3210 are more than 9,979 kg and can be grouped together with other components to maximise loads, the manufacturer said. The ATC-3210 with maximum counterweight, rigging, matting, and fly extensions can move in just three truckloads, Link-Belt said. At just under 65,771 kg, the ATC-3210 can transport in a three-axle dolly configuration with a three-piece hydraulic fly, auxiliary lifting sheave, hook block and ball and main and auxiliary winches. None of the axle loads exceed 9,072 kg, and none of the three truck loads exceed 20,412 kg, the manufacturer said.

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