First sight of Manitowoc 31000 fully rigged

02 February 2010

The team at Crane Rental Corp. continues to monitor progress on its newest crane in development, the mammoth Manitowoc 31000.

Snow, ice and wintry conditions in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA have not hampered efforts to test the new machine. Crane Rental reports that the Variable Position Counterweight system's basic functionality has been tested, and that the first load testing will take place in the coming weeks.

The photos linked to this article were taken in mid-January and show the most recent configuration of the machine that will have the capacity to lift 2,535 US tons (2,300 tonnes).

"We expect to begin load testing the first boom configuration in a couple of weeks," said Alan Ashlock, president of Orlando, Florida-based Crane Rental Corp. "The crane provides some unique constructability options, which has triggered some interesting and positive meetings at the project engineering level over the past couple of weeks."

*For more information about the Manitowoc 31000, see the October 2009 issue of IC, page 12 and the March 2008 issue cover story.

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