Going green

25 April 2008

Most contractors' involvement in a project finishes when the building is complete but Bovis's links with 30 The Bond in Sydney go right from design and construction through to completion and occupation. 30 The Bond, which was Australia's first five star energy rated building when it opened in 2004, was built by Bovis for Deutsche Office Trust. The contractor now uses six of the building's nine floors as its headquarters in Sydney.

The AUS $112 million (US$ 84 million) building's design incorporates natural ventilation, passive chilled beam cooling and fully operable shading on the facades. The design has helped 30 The Bond to achieve -30% lower CO2 emissions than a conventional office.

The back wall of the first four storeys is formed by sandstone, which was excavated by convicts for a gasworks which originally occupied the site in the 1820s, and provides additional cooling. Bovis has used the full depth of the wall to act as a deep truss to support the suspended glass wall above level four and minimise the size of the members supporting the 42 m span.

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