Goldhofer extra axle innovation

23 February 2010

An innovation from Goldhofer AG is making it possible to insert additional axles in existing semi-trailers to transport higher payloads or cargo with lower axle loads. The concept allows expansion of trailers by up to three axles, depending on the vehicle configuration.

The extension tubes on the semi-trailer are uncoupled and the goose neck taken off. The new axle is inserted with a crane or fork lift truck, once the electrical and hydraulic systems have been uncoupled. To do this, the bogie has a pair of slots to allow the use of a fork lift. The single-axle bogie can be additionally secured using supports for extra safety.

"The option of reducing the axle load is extremely interesting, especially for Eastern European transit traffic. The fees for haulage contractors are reduced, as the costs are calculated in accordance with the axle load," said Stefan Fuchs, Goldhofer CEO.

Using the example of an 8-axle STZ-H8 semi-trailer, when expanded to a 9-axle system, the payload is technically increased by 9 tonnes, from 89,900 to 98,900 kg, explains Goldhofer.

When transporting cargo weighing 80,000 kg the axle load is reduced to 8,888 kg on a 9-axle trailer in comparison to 10,000 kg on the existing system, about 11 % difference. However, the additional axle lengthens the loading platform by 14 %, from 12,300 to 13,720 mm, so the maximum length in the extended position remains the same. The loading platform can be extended by 8,600 mm to a maximum 20,900 mm.

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