Heavy duty trailer

By Christian Shelton05 March 2019

The latest extendable container chassis from Broshuis

Dutch trailer manufacturer Broshuis has developed a new multifunctional, extendable container chassis: the MFCC HD. According to Broshuis, the heavy duty chassis is suitable for a wide range of tank container and swap-body applications.


The Broshuis MFCC HD

Compared to the previous version, the MFCC, the tare weight of the new chassis has been lowered for greater payload, said Broshuis. It now stands at 5.3 tonnes. It also said that the trailer’s patented ‘easy select’ container size selection system has been further simplified for ease of use. This means the driver only needs exit the cab once to set the load size, Broshuis explained, thus increasing safety.

A video of the new trailer can be seen here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNPN_6oBdwY

IAA 2018 Broshuis (1).JPG

The patented container size selection system



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