Higher electrics

19 March 2009

Holland Lift believes there is a trend towards higher capacity electric models, hence the development last year of the 28.5 m working height, electric N-265 model with a 750 kg capacity platform.

Next on the cards is an electric version of the diesel B-195. This will be a 21.5 m working height unit with a 2.5 m width and 750 kg platform capacity - like a wide version of the electric N-195, but based on the diesel B-195.

However, product development is across the range. For example, under design is a new 10 m height, 1.2 m wide, diesel scissor, targeted at building maintenance work in congested city streets. "We're looking to make a light version," says co-owner, Menno Koel, "Still high quality, but light. For the moment it is one size, and then we'll take it from there."

Last year also saw the development of the T-210, the 23.0 m working height, 1000 kg capacity diesel unit that fills a gap between the B-195 and M-250 models.

Is there any chance of a larger machine than the 33.7 m working height Megastar G-320? Menno Koel says it's possible, and that he is sometimes asked for 38 m and even 40 m models, but he gives the distinct impression that it might just be taking the ‘niche' concept just one step too far.

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