Hybrid investment at UK Platforms

13 April 2015

UK Platforms' Niftylift HR17 Height Rider boom.

UK Platforms' Niftylift HR17 Height Rider boom.

UK Platforms, part of HSS Hire Group, has added two hybrid lifts to its fleet.

The new hybrids are 17 and 21 m working height Niftylift HR21 and HR17 Height Rider booms. They use a small diesel engine combined with an electric motor. The smaller diesel engine means lower fuel consumption and emissions, while the electric motor offers extra power if needed, for example if the platform is climbing a slope.

The platforms can also operate on battery alone, making them suitable for indoor, quiet or clean applications. This also means they can work 24 hours a day amid noise restrictions, using the electric motor to work quietly at night, and then re-charging during the day shift while running on diesel.

When the machine is idle and the engine is left running, the diesel engine recharges the battery, so there is no need for a mains charge.

As well as the smaller diesel engine reducing emissions, an exhaust purification system further reduces CO/NOx particulates and noise.

Miguel Vicos, managing director at UK Platforms, commented, “These machines are a fantastic addition to the UK Platforms' fleet, representing the very latest innovation in working at height. They can help our customers work at night, operate in a wider range of situations and they save fuel. The engineering is remarkable, and they are better for the environment, too.”

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