Hydrodemolition Evolution

01 May 2008

Aquajet systems has launched the Evolution control system for its hydrodemolition robots, giving a claimed +20% improvement in removal rate. The new units also feature the new Smart Lance Control system for maximum removal capabilities.

Working with 1000 bar pressure and 250 l/min, the new machine can handle removal depths up to 1000 mm of concrete if required. The on-board Evolution computer system has a built-in operator's manual in six languages and provides immediate feedback on current production data, such as the actual removed area. It also monitors all vital machine systems and functions and provides a warning if parameter settings are outside the machine's capabilities.

The new Smart Lance Control is a further computerised system that allows the operator to feed in only a few key parameters, such as work width, lance angle, lance speed, and depth, which it uses to automatically adjust underlying parameters such as the work pattern for optimum results. The system also allows the possibility of programming different widths and depths into one pass.

Another key feature is Aquajet's Equal Distance System (EDS). This controls and maintains the distance between the water nozzles and the concrete surface at the optimum, ensuring that no power is lost.

The robot features a new radio controlled remote system for increased safety and operator environment. The operator can move around the machine during operation and set-up, while maintaining control of the machine. There is also no cable to run over. For environments where radio control is not feasible, remote hardwiring control is also included.

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