Increasing Accuracy: World's fi rst 3D-GPS+ paver control system

20 March 2008

The Millimetre GPS precise positioning technology from Topcon has recently expanded into the paving industry, creating the world's first 3D-GPS+ control system for pavers, profilers and trimmers. Topcon and TSD Integrated Systems, a joint venture of Topcon and a world leading supplier of electro-hydraulic components, Sauer Danfoss, unveiled the system at Bauma.

A company spokesman said Topcon's unique technology provides a significant enhancement in the vertical precision of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS. The technology, known as Lazer Zone, is used by hundreds of companies worldwide to generate a vertical accuracy to within a few millimetres as compared to the centimetre vertical accuracy of conventional RTK GPS.

A compact sensor, the PZS-MC, is mounted on a mast, which is attached to the toe arm of the paver. Any time the PZL-MC sensor is positioned within the laser zone signal, the system provides millimetric vertical precision.

“Millimetre GPS technology is up to +300% more accurate than standard GPS, and will provide the best 3D machine in the industry,” Murray Lodge, TPS director of sales construction said.

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